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We are sure that choosing our company is the best solution for people interested in certification of Polish citizenship. CK and Partners Law Office handles both the cases of people who already lived in Poland, as well as their descendants (children, grandchildren). The whole procedure is conducted in Poland, without any participation of other legal offices and diplomatic agencies. Polish embassies devote only very little time to the cases of people interested in confirmation of Polish citizenship, their function is reduced to formal reception of the application and sending it later to the country.

It often happens that given requirements are actually irrelevant for the proper handling of the case. Persons submitting applications often do not posses certain documents – and some facts need to be verified in different types of offices in Poland – which is why the legal assistance is necessary.

Polish citizenship - procedure

A person submitting the application in a diplomatic agency actually ceases to have any influence on further procedure – in case of certain difficulties, the applicant learns about them only after the procedure has been terminated (on frequent occasions with a negative result).

At the same time, our lawyers remain in touch with the client and Polish authorities, are at any time ready to provide explanations or request for additional documents, the submission of which may affect conducting of the procedure.

Applications of people who emigrated before Jan 1951 are sometimes rejected due to an incorrect interpretation of law. Thanks to our special surveillance over each case, in such situations we try to present legal counterarguments, which may affect the further handling of a case. In addition, the offices themselves are not free from mistakes. We try to prevent such situations, while acting as our clients’ representative we are concerned about a positive result in each case.

In case of negative result – each applicant has just 14 days to appeal from the decision (the period specified by the Code of Administrative Procedure). Drafting an appropriate appeal involves engaging an attorney in Poland – a person preparing the draft must be familiar with legal requirements to be included in such a document. Taking up proceedings by the embassy does not guarantee either meeting deadline requirements (due to the embassy working hours) or an appropriate meritorical level. For diplomatic agency an applicant is just a petitioner and the final result does not have a particular significance. It is understandable that a case is handled differently by a legal proxy, for whom the very result has a considerable importance.

Applications submitted in the embassy are often sent for the President’s authorization instead of being transferred to appropriate offices, as a result of which descendants of an applying person may lose Polish citizenship. CK and Partners Law Firm deals with similar cases, where the clients acquired citizenship by means of the procedure granting the citizenship by the President and had intended to obtain a mere confirmation.

Embassies refuse to transfer applications to appropriate offices in Poland before the submission of birth certificate, the search for which may sometimes last several months. In Warsaw and other Polish cities archives were often destroyed during the Second World War. Birth certificates were then usually lost forever. CK and Partners Law Office deals with similar cases, as in particular situations it is possible to acquire Polish citizenship upon submission of other documents (nevertheless, such cases are handled individually, after conducting additional explanatory proceedings).

Polish citizenship - costs

Many people think that taking up proceedings by a diplomatic agency may prove less costly. Meanwhile, an applicant even then is obliged to cover particular expenses (e.g. consular charges). As a result, it may appear that the service of a professional legal office are not much more expensive, while maintaining an entirely different level of legal assistance. One should not also forget that choosing CK and Partners Law Office signifies a dramatic acceleration of the process.

A client willing for us to initiate the procedure must send us required documents and the power of attorney. Personal contact is not required – our clients live in different parts of the world on different continents, which by no means interferes excellent communication and exchange of necessary documents. The contact with the client is generally maintained via mail, e-mail, Skype and telephone. Persons who temporarily visit Poland and wish to present us their cases in person are obviously able to submit the documents directly in our office.

This is why the offer of CK and Partners is also more beneficial than the services of several foreign legal offices, where the pricing id determined by many factors connected with additional costs of service and functioning on other markets – which usually results in a higher price of provided services. The aforementioned offices would also run their activity via their agencies or advocates, therefore the client is not able to remain in direct and fast contact with a person responsible for handling his case.

All throughout the process, our lawyers communicate directly with Polish authorities, and afterwards provide all the explanation to the represented clients.

In cases of unjustified refusal to pass a positive decision, we undertake further steps before subsequent resorts, including the Supreme Administrative Court.

Fill in the application form online and even today find out about your chances of obtaining the confirmation of Polish citizenship (Polish citizenship - eligibility)