My name is Josef Smogurzewski and I was born and live in Sydney, Australia. My father was born in a small village, in what was between the two World Wars, Poland and is now Lithuania. His family had been born in the same area for many generations.

My father was taken to Germany as a slave agricultural labourer when he was 16. He had no documents that he was able to take with him. In addition, it was next to impossible to obtain any information from my father regarding his experiences, history and any basic family information – he just did not want to talk about his family or experiences.

After a considerable amount of wasted time and money with an agency in Melbourne, Australia, all I had to show for my efforts were documents that I could have obtained myself, by a search request with the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Germany. This service provides archive information gathered by the Germans regarding persons taken from their homelands to work as slave labourers in Germany during the Second World War.

The documents provided by ITS contained basic information regarding my father, none of which met the requirements suitable for obtaining Polish citizenship and quite a number that were contradictory, however they were valuable in providing some basic history regarding my father.

I found CK Law Office on the web and contacted Michal, by email, to see if he could assist in my quest to obtain Polish citizenship. Our communications were essentially by email - Michal and Piotr were proficient in English and their communication was prompt, clear and concise. The first and foremost problem was the lack of any Polish Government / Agency documents. Michal was extremely helpful with this problem – he suggested a genealogist in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Genealogist was able to find documents (Fathers birth certificate and other documents including birth, marriage and death certificates of other extended family members) eventually (after approx. 3 months) Michal and his team were satisfied with the information obtained from Lithuania and commenced the process for Polish citizenship.

At this point of the process all I could do was wait - government processes are not always the quickest!. CK law Office dealt the various Polish authorities and submissions, and after approx. 11 months, my citizenship and that of my daughter and son were achieved. We are now applying for our Polish passports.

I give heartfelt thanks to Michal, Piotr and the CK Law Office team for their professional assistance – I can highly recommend them to those who wish to undertake the successful journey I have travelled.


Josef Smogurzewski,
Sydney Australia

My name is Steven Wierzbicki, and I currently work as an IT executive in Poland. I was born in the U.S., where I have worked for many years in the fields of management consulting and information technology.

I contacted CK Law Office in 2010 to inquire about obtaining Polish citizenship based upon my ancestry, as a result of reading an article appearing on

I explained the details of my family background to Michal Wisniewski via email, including (but not limited to) the following points:

1.) My paternal grandfather was born in a village near Vilna, Russian Empire (aka Wilno, Poland, and Vilnius, Lithuania) in 1897.

2.) I had a document in my possession which had been issued by the Polish government to my grandfather in 1919. It was a Polish passport issued by an organization calling itself the Polish National Committee in Vladivostok, Siberia, Russia.

All of my grandfather's remaining documents (a substantial collection) had been issued to him by the Russian government.

Michal was intrigued by my case, but cautioned me that the Polish Government of the 2d Republic did not begin to issue passports until 1920 (if I recall the year correctly). He agreed to review my grandfather's documents in order to form an initial opinion.

Verifying the legitimacy of the passport in question was the main task initially. Officials in the Polish Ministry of the Interior had heard of such passports having been issued by Polish National Committees in principal cities of the world following the First World War, but they had never actually seen one until they saw my grandfather's.

The problem facing the Ministry of the Interior was the fact (as initially identified by Michal) that the passport was issued before the law concerning the issuance of passports had been passed by the Polish government. Additionally, the authority of the Polish National Committees to issue passports was in question.

Michal explained these issues and made it clear that the odds against a positive decision were great. He asked me how I wished to proceed, and I asked him to accept my case. He agreed to do so.

Over the next two years, I received requests for further information, as relayed to Michal by a clerk at the Ministry of the Interior who took an interest in the historical background of the case, including events involving the First World War, in which my grandfather served in the 3d Revolutionary Shock Battalion (under Maj.-Gen. Lavr Kornilov), receiving the Cross of St. George for his actions during the Kerensky Offensive on the Ukrainian front in the summer of 1917.

The story also involved my grandfather's service as a Serg't.-Major in the White Russian (Omska) Army during the Russian Civil War, and his education at the gymnasia in Vilna, the gymnasia at Voronezh, Russia, and the Agricultural Institute of the Emperor Peter I in Voronezh.

Michal did a superlative job in explaining the requirements from the Ministry of the Interior for additional information. These requirements included:

1.) Genealogical records for my grandfather's parents and grandparents, (in addition to vital records for his wife, my parents, and myself). I hired a genealogical researcher based in Vilnius, and she found the old records in Vilnius and Minsk, Belarus.

2.) Naturalization records for my grandfather, properly cerified by the State of Massachusetts, USA, where he lived after emigrating from Russia. Also, a copy of his U.S. passport.

3.) Military service records for my father, properly certified by the U.S. Dept. of State. Michal explained that if my father had served in the U.S. military during the post-war period of approximately 1945-1950, (I do not recall the exact dates), my request for citizenship would have been denied, due to a Polish law having to do with applicants or their ancestors serving in a foreign (i.e., non-Polish) military organization during that period.

My father's military service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War began in January, 1951. I was okay. I interpreted this positive development in my case as an indicator that my application would be successful, because my father's military service started just 10 days after that Polish law was no longer in force.

The Ministry of the Interior also required a letter from the U.S. Dept. of Defense declaring that my grandfather had never served in the U.S. military. This letter also had to be cerified by the U.S. Dept. of State.

4.) A report on the history of my family. I prepared the report in a manner which emphasized historical events and special achievements in order to resonate with the interest in my case by the clerk at the Ministry of the Interior.

By 2013, everything had been submitted to the Ministry of the Interior. Michal had ensured that all of my documents were in order according to Polish law.

My case took three years to process, and the decision by the Ministry of the Interior was positive!

The Ministry of the Interior had decided to make an exception to the law in my case. The alternative (i.e., to change the law to accept passports from the Polish National Committees of 1919 as being valid documents) was deemed unnecessary because no other examples of such passports are known to exist.

My application for Polish citizenship was extremely complex and groundbreaking, and would not have been possible without the high-quality and professional services of CK Law Office.

The story did not end in 2013. In 2016, Michal assisted me with obtaining my Polish passport in Warszawa, successfully dealing with small but significant bureaucratic issues which I would not have been able to solve without his help. Thanks, Michal! Thanks, CK Law Office!


Steven Wierzbicki was born in the USA where he worked for many years as a management consultant and corporate executive. He now lives and works in Poland as an IT executive.

My name is Yona Rosenwald , Family therapist & sexologist , and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I was born in Poland and own a Polish and an Israeli citizenship. I am a mother of three daughters and we are in the process of gaining a Polish citizenship for them as well.


I heard from a friend about the CK's lawyers office. She told me that thanks to the CK office, her children were granted Polish citizenship in a short period of time and at a fair price. Also she told me that they speak and work in English (which is a great advantage for people that do not speak Polish).


Subsequent to my friend's recommendation, and bad experiences others told me regarding the expensive and long procedure it takes some other lawyers offices, I decided to use the CK's services.


I connected the office by email through lawyer Mr. Piotr Cybula in October 2012. The entire procedure was conducted in a pleasant, beneficial and professional way - via e-mails and mail. The overall conduct of the office and particularly of Mr. Cybula was very decent. The price charged was fair, presented in advance and did not change throughout the process. It took approximately 4 months for the entire procedure, and the documents needed were all ready on time. The payment was charged only after the procedure was finished.


My daughters and I would like to point out our satisfaction from the CK's lawyers office work and the pleasant, effective and fair service.


I highly recommend Israeli citizens who wish to achieve Polish citizenship to apply to the CK's office and enjoy it's service. I'll be willing to answer anyone's questions regarding this service and provide recommendations and explanations about, as I was most satisfied with it. Anyone interested can address me via e-mail.

I wish the office great success in their work.



Yona Rosenwald

e-mail :

Martin Przybylski



My name is Jack Goldenberg, and I work as a Banking IT professional and I reside in Israel. My Mother Sarah Goldenberg is from Warsaw, and she left Poland in 1939 as a little child with my Grandparents Moishe and Esther Elbaum under war circumstances. I recall many of my Grandparents stories of Poland especially from my Grandmother's upbringing in Mińsk Mazowiecki .

I most appreciate and recommend CK law office services and their handling of my citizenship and Polish documentation applications. Their clarity regarding the process, the ease of handling, as well as their attractive rates and solution to problems that may come up from time to time, made my application straightforward and easy.

I highly recommend their services.



Jack Goldenberg, Israel

Contratando los servicios de CK Law Office pude obtener mi ciudadanía polaca rápidamente y sin contratiempos. Mis abuelos eran Polacos y emigraron a Argentina de muy jóvenes, mi madre nació en Argentina. Conocí el estudio buscando por Internet y lo recomiendo ampliamente. Realmente Michal es una persona muy seria, orientada a resultados y sumamente profesional que supo llevar mi caso a un resultado positivo rápidamente. Yo vivo en Argentina y las distancias son muy largas pero la verdad es que con gente tan profesional como ellos todo se simplifica ya que nos comunicábamos por mail y enviábamos la documentación por correo postal. Un placer trabajar con gente así, los recomiendo ampliamente para obtener la ciudadanía ya que se nota que conocen el proceso, las leyes polacas y como trabajar. Un verdadero placer y no dudaría en contratarlos de nuevo.


MB, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mi nombre es Jacobo Bibliowicz , soy empresario , nacido en Bogotá Colombia , y actualmente vivo en Guayaquil Ecuador .

Mi padre , hijo menor de 7 hermanos, salió de Bialistock Polonia , con sus hermanos y mis abuelos un tiempo antes de la barbarie nazi , y fueron a establecerse en Colombia .

Algunos en nuestra familia quisieron reclamar la ciudadanía Polaca , pero no en todos los casos tuvieron éxito , algunos de mis primos si lo lograron haciendo trámites en las respectivas embajadas donde vivían , pero se tomaron años en lograrlo .

Yo contacté con CK Law Office, le expuse el caso a Michal y a pesar de algunas dificultades para encontrar documentos ,aquellos documentos que no logre conseguir , ellos en su oficina los consiguieron .

El caso es que en menos de 6 meses , tanto mi hija como yo, ya tuvimos el pasaporte Polaco .

A pesar de no conocer previamente a Michal y su oficina de abogados , puedo decir que tome la mejor decisión al confiar en ellos .

Es para mí un placer recomendar los servicios de esta oficina de abogados .

Jacobo Bibliowicz


פנינו למשרד עו"ד CK Law Office אחרי שהטיפול בנושא הוצאת דרכון פולני נכשל ע"י עו"ד ישראלי שטיפל בנו.

עורכי הדין במשרד CK Law Office‏ אשר טיפלנו בנו היו לכל אורך הדרך ישרים עבדו ושרתו אותנו נאמנה ועזרו לנו בכל בעיה ומכשול שהיו בדרך לקבלת המסמכים, והיו מכשולים.

אנו משפחת רוזנבלום וסנדלר ממליצים בחום לפנות למשרד זה ולהתקשר איתם לצורך הסדרת המסמכים המבוקשים.

שוב מודים לכם עורכי הדין על השרות המצויין שהענקתם לנו.

בכבוד רב

מירי סנדלר

נוי סנדלר

שיר סנדלר-מרזין

שלמה רוזנבלום

שחר רוזנבלום

גיא רוזנבלום

"Early May 1957 my parents left their home in Wroclaw and immigrated to Israel. 53 years later on September 2010 I started to look for an attorney that will handle my citizenship case. In the beginning I started to look for a local office in Israel but due to financial troubles that some local offices faced I decided to check the option of an attorney office in Poland that I can work directly with. CK was the first to react and react seriously; giving me a quick background for the case and asking to look through the first details in order to make a quick evaluation of the case chances; all of this by the way was made free of charge.

Later on I received a detailed quotation with milestones both for the expected time table and the payments schedule. The instructions I got were very clear from the beginning: which documents should I obtain, where to do it, what is still missing etc.

Any time before sending the documents to Poland I scanned them and asked CK to approve before sending to avoid needless costs. Every stage in the process was managed by CK very precisely, the time they estimated for each legal action was correct and usually with positive surprises.

There were some unexpected delays in the process, unfortunately these delays were caused in Israel where it took for time to obtain some documents such as marriage certificate. Communication was 99% through emails and few phone calls during the whole period.

Payment were always completed only when the defined legal stage was completed. 12 months later the citizenship papers for my mother, myself and my 3 children were ready in Israel.

It took me 3 more months to get the polish passport in the polish passport in Tel Aviv, but that's another story.

To conclude, CK is not only a name, Michal & Piotr are very friendly people ( I had the chance to meet them during a trip the Israel) in addition to their professional knowhow of these polish citizenship issues.

I will certainly recommend to whom I know to hire their services.


Yoram Melman, Kfar Saba, Israel"

I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing such an excellent job on obtaining my Polish citizenship. The input screen on your website was easy to complete and I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly I received a response regarding your thoughts on whether you could assist me in my case. From that point on, your team was nothing but professional and most importantly, expeditious.


I have had many individuals tell me that when they tried doing this procedure themselves in an a local Polish consulate, it took well over a year. You were able to finish my case front to back in the span of roughly 6 months. Moreover, considering the fact that my family was from a small town outside of Krakow, specifically, Czarkowy, and the fact that my parents did not possess most of their original documents, your team should be truly commended for the time in which this case was resolved.


As an attorney here in the United States, I work with other attorneys each and every day, and unfortunately, you don’t always get attorneys that are responsive. You were not only responsive, but your answers always seemed to get directly at the heart of the matter and then some, often providing me with answers to questions I hadn’t even thought of. I have to admit that I was leery at first, hiring a firm in another country, especially one where I had never met a single individual. However, after working with you guys, I would gladly refer everyone I came across to use your services.


Thanks again for all of your efforts.

Alfred Dynia

Attorney at Law

United States

Since the first contact, Michal and Piotr replied fast, clear and with accurate information. Once we verified that I was protected by the law and my citizenship could be a reality, they started working in my case, which was not completely easy as my polish root was my great grand father. After a couple of months of process, probably half the time I would have spent doing the same in my country, my polish citizenship is ready, and they even helped me with the passport forms. I will recommend them to my relatives, as I trust in their professionalism 100%


MG, Argentina

"My son Ehren decided a few years ago that he wants to live and work in Europe. As an American citizen, though, it is difficult for him to get a work visa in his chosen field of museum collections management. Museums tend not to sponsor individuals for work visas, and they don't pay well enough to meet the income requirements for an individual work visa. At one point, though, it occurred to us that if Ehren was a citizen of an EU country, he wouldn't require a visa to work in the other EU countries. So we decided to pursue his Polish citizenship.

My father grew up in Tczew, Poland. He always dreamed of living in America, so after World War II, when he was just 16 years old and amidst all of the confusion, he decided to go across the border from Poland to Germany where he attended a technical school. Luckily, Canada was encouraging young men with technical training to move to Canada, so he jumped at the chance. He later obtained his Canadian citizenship, and eventually moved to Indiana, where he became a naturalized US citizen.

When we decided to pursue Polish citizenship for Ehren, we contacted CK Law Office. Although we had some paperwork for my father, we didn't have a Polish passport or military documents. After a few appeals and 10 months, CK Law Office were able to use the paperwork that we did have, plus some additional paperwork we had to send later, to obtain an official ruling and Polish birth certificate for Ehren. I can't imagine how we could have been successful without them."


Peter Mierau, USA

מר מיכל ומר פיוטר היקרים,

ברצוני להודות לכם על השירות המסור והמקצועי שניתן לי ע"י צוות המשרד שלכם בהליך השגת האזרחות הפולנית עבורי.

היחס האישי, הזמינות וגישתכם המוכוונת לקוח אשר הפגנתם ראויים להערצה.

בטרם בחרנו בשירותיכם המשפטיים ובמשרדכם, נפגשנו עם מספר משרדי עורכי דין בישראל אשר ברובם, דרשו מחירים מופרזים ולא הראו יכולת משכנעת באשר לכישוריהם או זמינותם להשיג את המסמכים הנדרשים ולהגיע לתוצאה המבוקשתץ

העבודה מול משרדכם נעשתה בשקיפות וברצינות, מתחילת התהליך סיפקתם לנו לוח זמנים הוגן והגיוני, תוך עמידה בלוחות הזמנים ומתן התמיכה הנדרשת לכל אורך התהליך ע"י השגת תעודת לידה פולנית, תעודת זהות (PESEL) ומסמכים אחרים במהירות ויעילות שלא יכולנו לצפות לטובה ממנה.

קבלת הדרכון הפולני שלי ב-6 חודשים הייתה מעבר לכל הציפיות!

ברצוני להודות לך שוב על השירות האדיב. אנו נמשיך בתהליך עם שאר בני המשפחה שישמחו לקבל את שירותיך גם כן.



Osnat Peled, Israel

I was very pleased with the level of service I received from CK Law. The level of communication was very good. I was kept up to date with the process of my case and what stage it was at. The staff at CK were professional, polite, and courteous. My case was a bit more difficult because I had limited information on my grandparents when they lived in Poland. My family grew up in a small village north of Tarnów.


A. Renner

Profession: Finance

Country: USA

אני בן למשפחת יוצאי פולין. לפני כשנה פניתי למשרד עורכי הדין CK ושות' בעניין קבלת אזרחות פולנית למשפחתי.

למעט שיחת טלפון אחת, בתחילת התהליך, עם מר פיטר ציבולה התנהלה כל התקשורת באמצעות הדואר האלקטרוני.

זכיתי לקבל טיפול והתייחסות בסטנדרטים שלא הכרתי עד כה. כל שאלה או בקשה נענתה באופן מלא ומפורט בפרק זמן קצר מאוד (לעיתים תוך שעות ספורות).

בתוך כחודשיים הסתיים הטיפול בעניין ובידי היו כל המסמכים הדרושים לקבלת הדרכון הפולני. הליך התשלום היה פשוט אף הוא ונעשה באמצעות papal.

ממליץ בחום !



אהרון. ש.

Our Karwowski family comes from them northeast part of Poland, the village (wojewutswo) used to be called Bialostockie , with the redivision of the provinces it's now called Podlaskie, Precisely in the city of Grajewo, there's a colony that has our last name and we were originated from there, Colony KARWOWO, my relatives that went to Poland said this means that we have the concept of slachta since we have our own Coat of Arms.

My grand grand father, mr Jan Karwowski went to America right during the world war 1, his parents were looking for a safer place to live but they always kept Poland in their hearts. My grand grand parent was born with Ms Kamila Drobinska. She arrived in the united states on May 6th of 1913 thru the Gothland ship. She was 14 years old. A few years later she got married with my grand grand father Jan Karwoski and they had their first child, John Karwowski, born in the USA in 1918. Right after the war was over they head back to Poland. Unfortunately due all the chaos that Hitler was causing in the entire Europe and especially in Poland they has to flee and this time my grandfather decided to go to Brasil.

As almost all the polands they decided to live in the south portion of Brasil, in the state of Parana, and many chose the city of Curiiba to live as the area has a cold weather similar to Europe.

My grandfather John Karwowski got married to Maria DZIECHCIARZ,

Then my mother was Born, Aline Karwowski and when she got married I was born and unfortunately I've lost my Karwowski last name and took my fathers last name, also polish.

Years went by and I've decided to live in the united states, my kids were born here but deep in my heart I never forgot my polish ancestors and from all my family members I was the one that had a stronger relationship with my grandparents. I've learned how to say dzien dobry, good morning, with him and in my heart I can remember his dialogue and some fights with my grand mother, always in polish.

From all our year celebrations Easter was the most magic and special for me. All the family had to be in my grandfathers house at 8:00 am Sunday morning for our Easter breakfast. I simply loved the smell of the polish dishes prepared with so much live and care by my grandma.

The polish citizenship was always something that I would like to have. It's like honor back so much love and care that my grandparents had toward me. They had a small Poland in their house and every time I was visiting them I enjoyed that experience. After they died nobody in the family tried to look after what would it take to have the polish citizenship and we let time go by.

One day in some conversation with my uncle and godfather Jorge Karwowski I've asked him about my grandfather documents and he told me that somewhere in his workshop he had in a box all his documents. I have then searched for several attourneys in Poland to evaluate if my polish citizenship would be possible to be achieved and I got some answers but thru CK Law Office I was really impressed with 2 things - their super fast reply and sense of urgency and their excellent reputation

After finding all the necessary documents ( this was the part that took more time from my uncle JORGE ) I've sent it all to Michal at CK Law Office and a few months later they emailed me with the result. I had become a polish citizen!!!!!

What a happy that was! I thank them a lot for their hard work and speed in each step of the process Now I'm applying for my two kids and shortly they will also become polish citizens

I do recommend CK for every single one that's looking to get their polish citizenship and this statement of my ancestors history shows a little bit of how important to get this citizenship was for me.


Thanks again

Luciano "KARWOWSKI", Brasilia

I must say the following about my experience with CK Law Office, based in Warsaw: it was wonderful from start to finish! I am completely satisfied with the services they provided, after all I hired them to assist me in confirming my Polish citizenship and that they did - despite the many bureaucratic hurdles kept in place by the Polish authorities.

My name is Jeff. S., born and raised in the U.S. and in my case, my mother was born to Polish parents in Italy after WW II and my grandparents emigrated to the US soon afterwards. My grandfather came from Crakow and my grandmother came from Warsaw.

Right from the initial (free) consultation with Mr. Michal Wisniewski to determine my eligibility for citizenship, I could tell that I had chosen the right firm. He was courteous, professional and answered all my questions. I had looked around before choosing CK Law Office , but both in terms of response time and fees, CK Law Office was the most attractive firm I found.

Although my grandparents' were both Polish citizens, my mother's citizenship had never been confirmed. The first step, since I did not have any Polish documents belonging to my grandparents, was to research in archives in Cracow and Warsaw. Mr. Michal Wisniewski's firm did this for me and within a short period of time they had located the documents proving my grandparents' Polish citizenship. I then provided foreign (US and Italian) documents, some of which were no easy task to obtain. The Polish authorities did not make things easy but Mr. Wisniewski and his partners were with me every step of the way. In my case the authorities became very demanding and Mr. Wisniewski even had to appeal their preliminary ruling against me - but he came through with flying colors and prevailed - Just this week I proudly walked into the local Polish consulate armed with passport photos, my birth certificate transcribed into Polish and my citizenship decision and will have my new passport in 2 weeks! None of this would have been possible without CK Law Office! On a scale of one to ten, I give them an 11. For anyone who has a legitimate claim to Polish citizenship, I highly recommend enlisting the services of this firm - you will not be disappointed!


Jeff. S, 34, USA

My name is Dr. Zeev Schindel, a dentist from Israel. I'd like to highly-recommend using the legal services of CK Law Office from Warsaw, Poland.

I heard about CK Law Office from a close friend who obtained Polish Citizenships for his family thanks to their services. My family originated from Krakow & Tarnow area (Lesser Poland), where they lived for centuries. However, due to the lethal extermination of most of the family on WW2, on our possession we had a significant lack of essential documents which could have attested of Polish Citizenships of our ancestors. This caused some difficulties. Nevertheless, CK Law Office found the way to eliminate these obstacles and direct the case to the right path leading eventually to full restoration of my family's Polish heritage.

The service given by Mr. Wiśniewski & Mr. Cybula was of a high-proficiency level, consistent, helpful and polite. Correspondence is very convenient, held by e-mails on a weekly basis, with a high-frequency response, keeping the client full-updated through the entire process along with bright explanations and full transparency - all being served by these gentlemen on sensitive, patient and honorable manners.


Dr. Zeev Schindel, Israel

My name is Michael Lev Ran (Libhaber). I was born in Wroclaw , Poland (1946). Being Jewish family , in 1956 we (mother , father , sister and myself) , immigrated to the state of Israel .

In June 2010 , I decided to gain back Polish citizenship and passport . CK Law Office was found on the Internet by my son (a lawyer practicing law in Tel Aviv) . I emailed CK Law Office and started the process . It took about a year and a half to gain citizenship for me , my wife (born in Israel – parents from Poland), my 3 grown up children and their 3 children ( my grandchildren) – 8 persons at all. The whole process was through mail and email , conducted fast and smoothly by CK Law Office , and not too expensive comparing to the prices of Israeli lawyers , proceeded mostly in Polish ( English too , and even little in Hebrew ). The service was very kind and friendly, every procedure needed to be done by me was well explained as well as the procedures in Poland. I warmly recommend the services of CK Law Office in gaining Polish citizenship by Israelis with Polish origins .


Michael Lev Ran, Israel

"CK Law Office did an excellent job of representing me in my case for confirmation of citizenship. This case presented some unusual and difficult challenges. CK Law Office put in many hours of hard work, and used their extensive knowledge of the law, to find solutions to difficult problems. Due to their dedication and diligence, the case was resolved with a positive decision."


Ellen Speiser, USA

I requested the assistance of CK Law Office as I did not know how to go about recovering my Polish Passport. Although I was born in Szczecin, Poland my family left before Communism fell and while I was a child. Now, living in the USA, I was not clear on how to proceed. I did not need to worry. CK Law Office made the process quick and painless. It was a great pleasure to work with both Michal Wisniewski and Piotr Cybula. They were very professional, quick to communicate with and delivered as promised. Within a few weeks everything was sorted and with an official letter proving my Polish citizenship I was able to reclaim my Polish Passport from the Polish Consulate. Highly Recommended!


Thank you CK and Law Office

Mateusz Jakubowski, Project Manager, USA

Meu nome é Thomas Eduard Stockmeier, sou médico, filho de pai alemão Hermann Stockmeier (estudante de engenharia) e de mãe polonesa Sofia Kolesinska.

Minha mãe nasceu em Pinsk-Polônia, em 02/12/1929, e foi deportada pelos alemães invasores para campos de trabalhos forçados em Stettin e Stralsunde.

Após o fim da 2ª guerra mundial, Os Kolesinski's icaram em campos de refugiados, esperando uma oportunidade para obter refúgio em outros países, como EUA, Canada, Australia, Brasil, Argentina e outros.

Quando conseguiram desembarcar no Brasil em 1947,Trabalharam em fazendas de cana-de-açucar em Sao Paulo, como escravos, mas aí a comunidade polonesa ajudou meu avô Wladislaw Kolesinski a obter domicilio e emprego decente em Sao Paulocapital, e então trabalhou em empresas com ajuda de poloneses.

Quando nasci em Sao Paulo em 1960, eu primeiro idioma foi o polones, só comecei a aprender portugues com 5 anos de idade.

Eu sonhei toda minha vida em ser cidadão polones, mas sempre tive dificuldades em lidar com procedimentos, documentos, etc....

Sobre minha família

Todos meus filhos estão na universidade, Edward Jeané quintanista de medicina , Barbara é quartanista de medicinat, e Victor é primeiranista de odontologia.

Eu sou o primeiro médico de minha família, e meus filhos estão me acompanhando.

Eu trabalhei como médico no Brasil, Colombia, Portugal, Angola, e estou me registrando como médico no Reino Unido.

Eu recomendo com louvores CK Law Office como a mais eficiente companhia para assuntos poloneses,como cidadania, passaporte, direitos gerais, etc...


Thomas Eduard Stockmeier, Ph.D. Brasil

I want to thank you for helping me regain my Polish passport. I am impressed with your thorough work,attention to the detail and reasonable fees.I was impressed with your ability to dig out my old MSW file which was full of lies!

I am recommending your office to my friends in the USA.

Thank you


Frederick Fiber MD

Albuquerque, New Mexico

לכל המעוניין


שמי מלינה יעקב , נולדתי ביום 31/07/48 בעיר אולשטין שנמצאת בצפון פולין עיר שיש בה הרבה אגמים עיר מקסימה שיש בה הרבה תיירים בגלל האזור היפה.

אבי מלינה נחמן נולד בשנת 1912 בעיירה בשם פששניץ ( פרושניץ באידיש)

משפחת אבי היו קצבים היו להם בעיירה 10 חנויות , הבניין קיים עד היום.

בשנת 1950 עלינו מאולשטין לארץ ישראל.

אני מבקר בפולין יחד עם אשתי כמעט מדי שנה. מאחר ואני ואשתי התאהבנו בפולין קיבלתי החלטה לבקש אזרחות פולנית ואכן קיבלתי , גם דרכון ורציתי שגם לילדי תהייה אזרחות פולנית

פגשתי בשני עורכי דין צעירם ונמרצים שמם: עו"ד ציבולה וע"וד וישניבבסקי מיכאל עורכי דין מקסימים שפשוט כיף לעבוד מולם.

הם דאגו לקבלת אזרחות לילדי במהירות, פשוט נדהמתי מהמהירות שעו"ד ציבולה ווישנבסקי טיפלו בנושא

אני ממליץ למי שמעוניין באזרחות פולנית לפנות אליכם – פשוט תיהנו מהטיפול

עלו והצליחו

משפחת מלינה .

(Jacob Malina, Israel)

I was lucky enough to encounter CK Law Office while looking on internet for information in respect of regaining Polish Citizenship.

Like many others i was forced to leave Poland in 1968 which involved at that time loosing citizenship , it left me at that time stateless (not a easy status in modern world).

Upon getting in touch over internet with CK Law Office i got all the information required, what documents etc. are needed to proceed with the application. I have to say this that very seldom I have encounter people as professional like them .They responded the same day by email and were available on the phone for additional clarifications, not once i was put on hold (how typical in current reality) or had to wait for an answer.

All the procedure wend without a glitch and I am sure that the main reason was their professionalism The only thing I can say is "Bravo"

I did recommend this firm to my friends with very clear understanding that they will be very well taken care of


Janusz Erlichman, Hong Kong

Michal Wisniewski and his company have assisted me in an admirable way in my quest to regain my blood heritage I now reside in the United States of America, being born to Polish parents.

My father was from the Slask region, and my mother from Lublin. They both became refugees after World War 2. My mother served in the AK as a nursing aide, and my father in the Polish armed forces in battlefront.

After the war, They could not safely return to Poland and were married in England. From there they came to America and raised a family. They kept Polish customs and culture alive for our family, having great pride in their home country. They have both since died, and I am so happy to work with Michal to obtain my Polish birth certificate.

He and his associates worked exactly to the schedule they provided me at the beginning.They have communicated in a timely way and understand my situation well. I had tried a different company offering this service here in America, but wasted time and money for two years before discovering Michal and his company.

He immediately responded and helped me focus on the important documents and procedures. I wish I had started with him originally!

I recommend him and his company to any Polish-American trying to reconnect with the Polish homeland.

He makes it understandable and much easier than trying other methods.

I was so proud to receive a scanned copy of my newly issued Polish birth certificate and regain my Polish roots!

Thank you Michal Wisniewski!


Steve Kavulok, USA, 56

My father was born near Stanislawow in pre-war eastern Poland (now Ivano Frankivsk in the Ukraine) and came to the UK in 1945 from Italy where he served with the Polish army. Half of his family were killed during the war and the remainder were moved to Wroclaw and Warsaw after the borders were re-drawn. They have all since passed away.

I decided to apply for Polish citizenship but my father had no baptismal records - as the parish church was destroyed - and nor did he have a birth certificate. I imagine some records were recovered and taken to the Warsaw archives but I have no idea if his are among them or how to go about researching the archive. However, when he was decamped in England he was issued with documents by the Polish Army authorities in England and also the British Ministry of Home Affairs. These records were easily available from the Polish Affairs office of RAF Northolt, London. Once I was in possession of these records CK Law Office did the rest.

They very quickly jumped through the administrative hoops in Warsaw and I was issued with a certificate of Polish citizenship in a matter of months. It was then a simple process to take the document to the Polish Embassy in London and fill in a form to gain a Polish passport which arrived a month later. I recommend the services of CK Law.


Michael M., Age 49, UK, Occupation: Urban Planner

פנינו למשרד עו"ד CK Law Office אחרי שהטיפול בנושא הוצאת הדרכון כשל אצל עורך דין אחר.

עורכי הדין במשרד CK Law Office הינם מקצועיים, אמינים ומלאי רצון לעזור, אף מעבר לנדרש.

הוצאת הדרכון למשפחתנו כללה התעסקות עם בתי משפט בפולין, שחזור מסמכים וכו, והם סייעו בכל אשר יכלו עד להוצאת המסמכים הנדרשים.

הם מכירים היטב את החוקים הפולניים ויכולים לסייע כמעט בכל שאלה או בעיה.

המסמכים הועברו אלינו במהירות, ללא שום בעיה, והם נתנו מענה לשאלותינו גם לאחר קבלת כל המסמכים הנדרשים.

אנו משפחת גריצמן (המורחבת) ממליצים בחום לפנות למשרד זה ולהתקשר איתם לצורך הסדרת המסמכים המבוקשים.

שוב מודים לכם עורכי הדין על השרות המצויין שהענקתם לנו.

Racheli Grizman, Israel

I am most satisfied with the service rendered by CK Law Office in obtaining Polish citizenship for me . My father was born in eastern Poland in an area that is today Ukraine . During World War 2 his family was deported to the east of the Soviet Union . My father ended up in South Africa where he got married and had a family . My father always had his Polish Birth certificate but only had his Polish citizenship confirmed a few years ago.


Steve Trybus


South Africa

I cannot speak highly enough of the services of Michal Wisniewski from CK Law Office in my citizenship confirmation case. At all times Michal was thorough—clearly specifying the documentation I needed—and worked in a very efficient and direct way to navigate my case through the necessary administrative proceedings and challenges. From my initial inquiry, Michal quickly responded with a timeline of what was needed and how long things would take. Every step of the way Michal kept me apprised with regular updates.

I was informed by the consulate here in the U.S. that the process of citizenship confirmation can be difficult and inconclusive especially when working from abroad. With Michal’s expertise, a favorable result was quick and at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

I will never forget the feeling and I had when I received my Polish birth certificate with the good news of the case’s outcome from Michal. I immediately felt a real and personal connection to my family and their story. I am grateful to Michal and his staff for their guidance and tireless work on my behalf.


J. Feddeck


United States of America

מיכל היקר שלום,

לאחר סיום תהליך קבלת האזרחות והשגת הדרכון הפולני, מצאתי לנכון לכתוב לך מספר מילים

ופשוט להגיד תודה.

בשונה מהדעה הרווחת על תהליך מיגע וארוך שנים, הופתעתי לקבל את אישור האזרחות תוך שלושה חודשים.

התהליך עם משרדכם, היה מעל ומעבר לכל הציפיות.

האינפורמציה מצדכם עברה במהירות ובשקיפות מלאה.

מסבירים בסבלנות ובבהירות את הסטטוס והצעדים הבאים.

תמיד הייתם זמינים טלפונית ומגיבים ל mail תוך שעות ספורות (גם לעיתים, בשעות לילה מאוחרות).

לא הופתעתי מ"הוצאות" בלתי צפויות. כגון אישורים/צילומים/תרגומים וכו'.....

אני שמח שבחרתי בכם לטפל בנושא האזרחות. וכמובן ממליץ בחום גם לחוג חברי.


משה לסמן

My family is originally from Poland. They left Poland before the Second World War. I currently live in New York and I am an American citizen. For a number of years, I have been very active in the Polish American community. Some time ago, I decided to apply for Polish citizenship; however my application was rejected. The attorney that represented me did not do a good job of keeping me informed and providing all required information to be in compliance with the laws and regulations. The only explanation I received was that there were some problems with my documentation. No details though.

Of course, I wasn’t happy with the outcome of my case. I decided not to give up and sought out a different attorney to represent my case. My friend recommended CK Law office. I contacted CK and I received comprehensive answers explaining the problems and challenges related to my case. They informed me that my case would not be easy and is complicated.

I retained CK and was represented in court by attorney Mr. Piotr Cybula. I was very comfortable with the very professional service I received and was kept posted on all developments every step of the way. Thanks to Mr. Cybula, I received my Polish Citizenship nine months after retaining him. I am positive that if I had contacted Mr. Cybula and CK Law Office to begin with, I would have saved a lot of time and money that it took to receive my Polish Citizenship.


Iwona B.

New York


Eu sou o Mauricio Koscielnik e eu consegui a emissão do meu passaporte polonês no Consulado em Curitiba graças a CK Escritório de Advocacia.

Sou brasileiro, moro em São Paulo. Meu avô era de Kielce e migrou para o Brasil quando criança, por volta de 1924. Quando entrei em contato com o Michal Wisniewski e com o Piotr Cybula eu não tinha nenhum documento polonês, nada. Minha família tentou encontrar algo por muitos anos mas sem nenhum sucesso. Usando informações minhas, eles localizaram os documentos do meu avô e de seus parentes em Kielce em 2-3 semanas e eu consegui a emissão do meu passaporte polonês depois de 6 meses. Eles obtiveram também a cidadania polonesa para o meu pai e meus dois irmãos.

Eu recomendaria a CK Escritório de Advocacia, para todos no Brasil que se encontram na mesma situação que estive. Eles são bons profissionais, me trouxeram aqui em São Paulo, na sua última visita em Fevereiro, todos os documentos e papéis do meu avô e de seus parentes próximos, que puderam encontrar.


Maurcio Kocielnik, Brasil

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